Fiocchi: More Than Shotshells

Today’s hunters, shooters, and self-defense practitioners have a broader choice of ammunition to choose from than ever before. As we know, not all ammo is manufactured equally, but we have come to rely on several top brands to deliver predictable and acceptable performance, box after box. One of those manufacturers whose products hit the high-water mark but who has remained under the radar in many shooters’ and sportsmen’s eyes is Fiocchi.

Most firearm enthusiasts will be surprised to learn that Fiocchi was established in Italy in 1876 and that the Fiocchi family continues to be an integral part of the ammunition manufacturing concern. That direct lineage has helped imbue Fiocchi products with the kind of heritage and Old-World craftsmanship we expect from a long-lived company. Another surprise to many is that Fiocchi ammunition has a state-of-the-art plant in Ozark, Missouri, which, among other products, produces all the Fiocchi brand shotshells sold in America.

Although international-level shotgun competitors and serious upland and waterfowl hunters are well acquainted with Fiocchi’s dominant position in the shotshell segment, the company also produces everything from training to high-performance pistol and rifle ammunition covering defense, target, and big-game hunting applications. Many of these cartridges leverage Fiocchi’s technological innovations. For example, Fiocchi is the only company to have developed NATO-qualified heavy-metal-free primers. Fiocchi is also the leading innovator of plated shotshells.

Today, Fiocchi continues to expand its product line across the shooting and hunting categories, applying its century-long expertise to create new defensive ammo, such as the recently introduced Blue Guardian line of pistol and rifle cartridges, while taking advantage of manufacturing efficiencies to bring high-quality ammo to the consumer at often lower-than-expected prices.

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