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We recommend this 5.45×39 ammo for use in AK74 type rifles only. AR15 and other rifles may require a heavier hammer spring for reliable ignition. AR15 may also need an ‘enhanced firing pin’ and possibly some gunsmith work to ensure reliable ignition.

1000 Round Case- 5.45×39 FMJ 59 Grain Golden Tiger Ammunition – Non-Corrosive New Production

Featuring Lacquer sealed non-corrosive Berdan primers, a lead core bullet with magnetic bi-metal bullet jacket, a lacquered steel case with lacquer sealant applied where the case mouth and projectile meet.

Made by Federal State Unitary Enterprise Production Association “Vympel”, a specialized enterprise engaged in the manufacture of cartridges for military and sporting-hunting small arms. The Vympel State Production Association specializes in the manufacture of 5.45 mm cartridges for small arms. Cartridge production is based on unique and highly efficient technologies using special automatic rotary and rotary conveyer lines.

5.45×39 ammo for sale

The Vympel State Production Association is an acknowledged leading manufacturer in Russia of this type of ammunition. The Vympel-produced cartridges fully comply with most exacting requirements imposed upon ammunition by modern small arms development standards. The plant was designed as a strictly specialized enterprise for 5,45 mm cartridge production on state customer’s orders. The enterprise turned out first products in 1982; at the beginning of 1989 cartridge output reached the designed capacity.


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