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Product Overview On wot trigger

The WOT trigger is the first trigger in its class to be a true drop-in trigger created specifically for the AR15 platform. The WOT trigger is a hard reset trigger that has been designed to last and endure constant use without failing. This has been accomplished through careful engineering and construction.

The Wide Open Trigger (WOT) is the first hard-reset trigger ever created for AR-15 platforms chambered in any caliber in the history of firearms.


More Information about wot trigger ar15

The WOT is simple to install and does not require the assistance of a trained gunsmith because it was developed as a genuine “drop-in” replacement trigger that “plugs and plays.”

The WOT is constructed out of HardoxTM steel, which is the most abrasion-resistant steel in the world. It is meant to last for the entirety of the life of your rifle and to withstand frequent use. The WOT can be utilized in a strategic, competitive, or recreational setting with equal ease. The WOT trigger has a pull that is unlike that of other triggers in that it is incredibly smooth, sharp, and creep-free. There is no need for any gunsmithing, fitting, or tweaking to be done. Simply put it in and go on! Even better?

It is constructed to withstand the wear and tear that other triggers are unable to keep up with due to the nature of its design. Pin walkout? Nope! Our unique design, which incorporates an anti-walk pin system and features a spring carrier that is awaiting a patent, eliminates the possibility of this happening. Are you going to fire hundreds of rounds? Thousands upon thousands of rounds? Don’t make us laugh.

The WOT is more than capable of handling whatever you throw its way. Go ahead. Just give it a shot and you’ll see!


SPECIFICATIONS On wot trigger for sale:

  • Made from Hardox™ steel, the WOT is fully cast (along with the body of the drop-in trigger).
  • We have tested the WOT beyond 10,000 rounds in live-fire testing.
  • The WOT requires a full-auto bolt carrier.
  • The WOT is compatible with mil-spec and commercial-spec AR-15’s.
  • The WOT has been tested across 20 different commonly available AR-15 brands with no issues.
  • With an average 3lb. trigger weight, the WOT feels similar to a competition-style trigger.

FEATURES on wot trigger legal:

  • Approximate trigger pull weight of 3lbs.
  • Full-auto bolt carrier required
  • Designed for AR-15 platforms
  • Works with standard H2 and H3 buffers
  • Reinforced Hardox™, the world’s most abrasion-resistant steel
  • Anti-walk pins included
  • WOT is a true drop-in, plug-and-play trigger
  • Warrantied for 10,000 rounds


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